Houston Nutt

All-BCS Era Razorbacks: Best Games

Arkansas' Best Wins Of The BCS Era

All-BCS Era Razorbacks: Gut Punches

Arkansas' most painful losses in the BCS era

All-BCS Era Razorbacks Team: Head Coach

Do you think it should be Nutt or Petrino?

Houston Nutt Went As Wolverine For Halloween

We didn't publish this yesterday because we didn't think it was real. But apparently it is. Enjoy. He shreds so fast it'll mess you up!

When Do You Let Go Of The Rope?

Losses, Frustration Leave Arkansas Razorback Fans On The Brink

Recap: Houston Nutt at Little Rock Touchdown Club

The Right Reverend was on full display in Little Rock on Monday, showing the charisma that has charmed several over the years, and that tortured your last nerve when frustrated with him.

Houston Nutt Tells Us About Matt Jones Becoming "Rodney"

10. Years. And folks wonder why Arkansas fans are crazy.

Mitch Mustain and Houston Nutt Talk 2006 With AL.com

Brandon Marcello has been writing a series of excellent articles chronicling Gus Malzahn's rise from his first high school job in the Arkansas Delta to becoming Auburn's head coach. In this piece, he takes a look at Malzahn's one season on the Razorback sidelines, and spoke directly with Mustain and Nutt. While this is at least the third time Mustain has gone on the record this year regarding that season (following the documentary and interview with us), this is the first time Nutt has spoken much about that time in several years.

77 Days: Brandon Burlsworth

Remembering a Razorback legend.

Our Q&A With Mitch Mustain

After seeing the documentary profiling Mustain's tempestuous time in Arkansas, we caught up with Mustain to ask a few follow-up questions about Gus Malzahn, Houston Nutt, the 2006 Arkansas football team, his 2011 arrest, and more.


Remembering The Razorbacks/Gamecocks Annual Series

It was reported Thursday that Arkansas will end its annual rivalry with the Gamecocks and replace it with Missouri beginning in 2014. Let's remember the best of it.

Mustain Documentary Report From LR Film Festival

Matthew Wolfe's new film presents the Mustain saga from the perspective of Mustain, as well as those who played with him and covered him. I saw the film Saturday night and here's what I took away form it.

POLL: Hog Fans Really Really Hate Michael Dyer

The venom on message boards and social media makes me wonder, who is the most hated person in all of Razorback fandom?

Mustain Documentary Premiering At LR Film Festival

Watch the trailer for The Identity Theft of Mitch Mustain, narrated by Nolan Richardson(!).

Open Casting Call For Burlsworth Movie

A few years ago it was announced that a movie on the life of former Razorback walk-on turned All American Brandon Burlsworth was being made. Casting calls are scheduled and any Razorback fan has a chance to get a part, even to play Houston Nutt!

If You Can't Go To A Bowl, Do The Next Best Thing

Memories of Arkansas's Last Four Bowl Victories

Houston Nutt Scheduled To Interview With USF

You can't keep Hootie Dale down. His name surfaced quickly after South Florida fired Skip Holtz. Alex Marvez is reporting that the formal interview is set, so keep your fingers crossed for Nutt to rise from the ashes.

BOOS and BOOS From Creative Ole Miss Fans

I found this picture over on the Blog Hawgs's page, and I couldn't resist sharing it with you. I laughed out loud. These two little girls and their parents are more creative in their Nutt disgust...

Houston Nutt Caption Contest!

Sometimes, in the course of browsing around the series of tubes we call the Internet, one will come across a special picture. Not just any special picture, either...one that stops you dead in your...

Because It Never Gets Old

Saturday's opponent gives us a good excuse (not that we need any) to repost what we consider to be one of the great moments in the history of photography. Sit back, relax and admire (and for the...

Ah, That Houston Dale

For the Razorback blogosphere, Houston Dale Nutt is truly the gift that keeps on giving, even after he's taken up residence in Oxford, Miss. The hilarious Tre Baker of ArkansasSports360.com is...

From the "Wish We'd Written It" File

Head on over to the excellent ArkansasSports360.com and check out Tre Baker's hilarious post about Houston Nutt's NW Arkansas house hitting the market. Looks like a cute little starter home.

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