New SEC Network Arkansas-Themed Promo Video

One summertime storyline that's gotten lost in spring practice and new uniform hoopla, WHEN YOU GETTIN THE SEC NETWORK, COX CABLE? I might have to move somewhere where I can get Uverse come July.

Video of Razorbacks Celebrating After Beating Kentucky

It's not very long, but this is a pretty cool video of the Hogs celebrating through the Rupp Arena tunnels on their way to the locker room. What joy.

Is Arkansas Basketball Going To Retire #42 For Bill Clinton?

Looks like Bill Clinton may have let the cat out of the bag a little early on this one. UA has not yet announced any formal plans for a 20th anniversary celebration, but it seems likely that something is in the works, and that something may include retiring a special #42 jersey for Clinton. It's unknown if that's the only jersey they would retire since there are several others that should be cough34cough. With the regular season winding down, there will likely be an announcment sooner rather than later, if this is actually going to materialize at all. (h/t hogdb)

Arkansas' Top 10 Dunks From Non Conference Basketball

Get set for the A&M game by going through the top 10 dunks from the Razorbacks' non conference games. What's amazing is that there were so many great ones not included.

Let's Watch Michael Qualls' Destruction Dunk

The best part is Blake Eddins, who is the announcer you hear on the video, say "Oh my God" like he just saw something amazing but horrific. The UA people are trying to push the #FayettevilleFlush tag for this, but we're going to go with #FayetteSLAM

New Arkansas Recruiting Video

For all that seems to be going wrong right now, here is a video of what is right and good about Arkansas football. It highlights the new $50 million facility and how this coaching staff is going about finding the right players to boost the program to new heights. Here's the best quote from Bret Bielema: “I’m a strong believer in the Kentucky Derby theory of coaching: You need to have the right horse to win that race."

Arkansas: All Access

A look at a Bret Bielema Practice. Get a load of that Lingo... It's like they're speaking some kinda foreign language.

Watch Arkansas Football's New Pregame Intro Video

Here's the video that played at the stadium in Fayetteville today. I think the idea of having former players recite the fight song was pretty cool. I even missed Darren McFadden's forceful "Never Yield" at the game because it happens so fast. Glad he's in it though. The video is supposed to cut off midway. That's when the stadium just plays "Beautiful People" for a while until the game starts. Not sure why they included that in this clip.

Houston Nutt Tells Us About Matt Jones Becoming "Rodney"

10. Years. And folks wonder why Arkansas fans are crazy.


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