Darren McFadden

Q&A: James Rouse, Part Two

Many of our favorite Razorback memories involve Ken Hatfield's wonderful back-to-back Cotton Bowl teams of the late 1980s. Therefore, it was a real thrill to get the chance to speak last week with...

This Looks Familiar

Wondering what Darren McFadden looks like running against NFL competition? As it turns out, not that different than he looked against the SEC: (courtesy of the Zone Blitz) And on a related note,...

Baby, You're a Rich Man

It's official: Darren McFadden is a very wealthy man. Last night he and his agent inked a 6 year, $60 million contract with the Raiders that includes $26 million in guaranteed money. Not too...

Tuesday Hodge Podge

Let's check in on the ex-Hogs who have recently joined the work force: * The Raiders held their rookie minicamp last weekend, and naturally D-Mac was the star of the show. Initial reviews were...

Sifting Through the Post-Draft Leftovers

As America's favorite non-sporting sporting event, the NFL Draft certainly receives a lot of coverage. And, with six players drafted the Hogs were a major factor this year. Here are some links I've...

Hi Darren, Welcome to the Neighborhood

In the days leading up to the NFL draft, I posted a couple of rants about why I didn't think Oakland was the best place for Darren McFadden to wind up...I've lived in the Bay Area for 12 years...

It's Feeling Drafty In Here

The NFL Draft is almost upon us, and like my Expat counterpart, I generally find it to be one of the most ridiculous events on the yearly sporting calendar. If we could only apply the same level of...

The Straight Talk Express

Courtesy of Max Brantley's Arkansas Blog, we came across this Sports Illustrated article about Darren McFadden's efforts to address the concerns NFL franchises have about his off-field issues, such...

More on McFadden and the Raiders

It seems that the Oakland Raiders management (i.e. owner Al Davis...everyone else there is irrelevant) was unswayed by my diatribe against the team last week, as they are considered the most likely...

Some NFL Draft Advice for D-Dawg

By the end of next week, Darren McFadden is going to be the richest man in the world with "Arkansas Bred" tattooed on his abs (until I win the lottery, at least). But the big question is, which...

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