What's Bret Bielema Been Up To This Week?

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Here's a rundown of all the things we've seen Bielema doing this week, getting work done and what not.

Bielema's Been FaceTiming!

Bielema spent a little time this week recruiting K.J. Hill and Will Gragg via FaceTime before both head to The Opening next week. Bielema reportedly wants to do some more FaceTime with Hill and go over "four reasons on why he should be a Razorback".

If it doesn't include "One, you're like a dream come true. Two, just want to be with you. Three, it's plain to see that you're the only one for me. Four, repeat steps one through three" I think we'll all be disappointed.

Richard Davenport reports that former Hog Jarius Wright is making the trip with Gragg, which has to make Hog fans feel pretty good.

Bielema's Been Talking On The Radio!

There had been some concern because juco transfer Sebastian Tretola had not yet made it to campus, but Bielema says it's cool. All part of the plan.

Seems he's officially gone. Hopefully this is the end of the string of busts at wide receiver recruited by Bobby Petrino. It's a looooong string.

Let's hope so! He is the Razorback X-factor this fall, of course.

This can be said all day every day for the next two months. Until he proves it on the field in a game, people will be skeptical. Hope it's true, of course.

I'd call this direct coachspeak if we didn't see that improvement in the spring. As we all know, it's lots and lots of improving that needs to happen back there.

He's one of the more intriguing additions to this year's team, so any positive news is very welcome. Can't wait to see him in August.

Bielema's Maybe Been Taking A Veiled Shot At Bob Stoops!

As you might have heard, former highly-sought recruit/talented wide receiver/alleged domestic abuser Dorial Green-Beckham is transferring to Oklahoma. #theresonlyoneoklahoma

Bielema addressed the issue of transfers on the Bo Mattingly show after being asked about it, and although he didn't mention Stoops or any other coach by name, well, this is what he said:

"Pretty adherent" is a fun term.

But Bielema has held firm to this transfer policy pretty well as far as we can tell. A year ago about this time, Michael Dyer made public efforts to get a shot to play for the Razorbacks. Bielema decided against bringing him on before he finally landed at Louisville. Former Alabama linebacker Tyler Hayes reportedly made some sort of effort to come to Arkansas as part of last February's signing class but Bielema again decided against it.

Bielema's Been Getting Good Reports From Professors!

Gold stars for everybody!

Bielema's Been Talking To Bleacher Report!

So we've all got that to look forward to.

Bielema's Been Tweeting Fun Pictures!

So he's still got those two tiny little things.

And if you're going to throw the A, this is a pretty cool place to do it.

There's more pics of Hog fans doing Hog things on Bielema's Twitter timeline.

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