Who's The Biggest Villain In Razorback History? QUARTERFINALS

George Frey

To the next round we go...

Here's the quarterfinals bracket, followed by a more detailed breakdown of first round voting below the bracket. Just a friendly reminder, the bracket was set up by fan votes, not my personal opinions.

Voting for the quarterfinals ends at 11am Thursday, so we can all get ready for AMERICA TIME IN FUTBOL!

Some interesting voting in the first round. There were 428 total votes.

Bobby Petrino dominated, tallying 83% of the vote for the biggest landslide of the round. Random Kentucky Hustle Guy had no chance. Petrino's likely to face a tougher challenge here in the quarters against Marc Curles, who as we know, soundly defeated Petrino that afternoon in Gainesville five years ago.

Curles and his crew easily defeated Mitch Mustain and the Springdale 5 with 75% of the vote. It's hard to compete with a blatantly horrific officiating.

Texas football and their decades of pestering the Razorbacks easily defeated Dana Altman's one-day reign of terror (unless you consider the Pelphrey era an extension of Altman). The Horns collected 77%.

The 1995 UCLA team narrowly claimed the win over Les Miles and LSU with 53%. You know for a basketball villain to overtake a football one, that cut deep.

As expected, John White, is much, much more hated the Frank Broyles. White picked up 77%.

People are hopefully not as angry with Reggie Fish as originally indicated. Nick Saban overtook him (as a 12 often does over a 5) with 61%.

The closest race was between the Texas basketball coaches and Trindon Holliday. The LSU heartbreaker sped his way to a six-vote victory over the Horns coaches. And I just have to say, if Abe Lemons does everything in 2014 he did with Arkansas in the 70s and 80s, no doubt he'd have run away with this.

And finally, the Dale topped "the fat lady who sent Mitch Mustain those emails". A career of dick moves tops the a really huge dick move. Nutt collected 57% of the vote. Wouldn't be shocked to see him get a higher number this round.

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