Who's The Biggest Villain In Arkansas Razorback History? FIRST ROUND

Wesley Hitt

We've tallied up your votes and made a pretty solid bracket. Vote now!

Ok, after reviewing the votes (and there were hundreds) we've put together what we think is a pretty solid bracket based on them. There were a few different entries that received few votes individually but all fit underneath a larger banner (a la all the different Texas football people) so we combined some in order to get more people in the bracket.

Here's the bracket. Feel free to scroll to the bottom for descriptions of people if you feel it's necessary. Voting ends at noon Wednesday, Central time - still as God intended.

Here's the rundown:

#1 Overall Seed: Bobby Petrino

The Skinny: Arkansas head coach for 4 seasons. Led Razorbacks to BCS bowl in 2010 and top 5 finish in 2011. All was well - UNTIL - drove motorcycle carrying former UA volleyball player/quasi-long time mistress/new student athlete development coordinator directly into the ditch. Was fired after news of affair with subordinate plus revelations of other lies, deceitfulness, and general malfeasance. Football program collapsed and is currently in the midst of what could end up being one of the worst runs in history due to several things, but the highly questionable recruiting classes in 2010 and 2011 remain a large part of it.

#2 Seed: Houston Nutt

The Skinny: Razorback coach for 10 years built a few seriously talented teams, went to Atlanta twice, but was more known for screwing all of it up. When he didn't have a really talented team, he built some very mediocre-to-terrible teams. aka The Right Reverend, was known for overtly/absurdly dramatic speeches to teams, media, and anybody else. Also known for insane but timeless quotes, such as "I called that play, brother!" and "Put him in the Heisman" among many, many more. At least two known SEC rules have been dubbed "The Houston Nutt Rule". Also responsible for the greatest AP writeup in Arkansas history.

#3 Seed: Texas Football (various players, coaches, and refs)

The Skinny: Arkansas' longtime nemesis in the Southwestern Conference, responsible for handing Arkansas many of the most painful losses in history, none more so than the 1969 game, which many say haunts Razorback football to this day.

#4 Seed: John White

Former UA chancellor who was known to meddle in athletics, often leading to disastrous results. Among his greatest transgressions are forcing the hire of Stan Heath instead of Bill Self in 2002 and losing women's basketball coach Gary Blair.

#5 Seed: Reggie Fish

Poor Reggie. After Peyton Hillis went out with an injury in 2006, Fish was inserted as the new punt returner in the 2006 SEC Championship. Arkansas had the lead and the momentum after forcing a Florida punt, but Fish tried to field the ball while running backwards into the end zone. He muffed it, and the Gators recovered, taking the lead and the momentum with them. This also is the main play responsible for the SEC beginning it's run of national championships.

It should be noted, some seem to believe Arkansas would have played in the BCS NCG if the Hogs had won this game. That is false. The Hogs already had 2 losses. There is no way they would have jumped Michigan and USC (who blew out the Hogs in the opener that year). Florida just barely got in the game instead of Michigan. Arkansas would have gone to the Sugar Bowl and possibly played an overrated Notre Dame team (I know. Is there any other kind?)

#6 Seed: Les Miles/LSU

The Tigers have been Arkansas' season finale opponent for the last several years, often resulting in classic games. It's as close to an SEC rivalry as Arkansas has had.

#7 Seed: Abe Lemons/Tom Penders (Texas Basketball)

Lemons was to Eddie Sutton what Penders was to Nolan Richardson. Lemons was as great with the one-liners against Arkansas as Steve Spurrier is today. And since the Hogs and Horns were the two best SWC teams at the time, they weren't afraid to go at it. Penders was the Texas coach when Richardson infamously walked off the court in Austin in 1990. Penders pleaded with the refs to call on technical on him for that, which probably would have allowed the Horns to win in regulation, but for once, the refs went Arkansas' way in Austin.

#8 Seed: Mark Curles (2009 Florida officials)

The time the refs screwed up so bad they were publicly suspended following the game. The Hogs led most of the game against the #1-rated Gators in The Swamp, but Curles and his crew blew enough calls to help Florida win the game on a last-second field goal. A win, at the very least, would have helped Arkansas get a better bowl than that frigid Liberty Bowl.

#9 Seed: Mitch Mustain/Springdale 5

So dramatic that books have been written and a movie has been made about them. They altered the course of college football history when they came though high school, Gus Malzahn was brought into the collegiate ranks, and Houston Nutt's reign in Fayetteville ultimately ended. In the end, only Ben Cleveland played out his eligibility.

#10 Seed: Trindon Holliday

Easily the leading vote-getter among opposing players, Holliday crushed Arkansas hearts in 2006 when, after an epic 80-yard touchdown run up the middle from Darren McFadden to bring the Hogs within a score, Holliday promptly returned the ensuing kickoff for a touchdown to keep the game out of reach for the Hogs. As big of an all-time high followed by an immediate all-time heartbreak as sports has ever delivered.

#11 Seed: Ed O'Bannon/Cam Dollar (1995 UCLA Basketball)

The Razorbacks had been living dangerously in the NCAA Tournament but still managed to make the final game and could have successfully defended their national title. But UCLA had none of it and Arkansas basketball hasn't been near that level since.

#12 Seed: Nick Saban

Standard SEC answer in 2014. Has a nasty habit of blowing Arkansas out.

#13 Seed: Frank Broyles

The mostly beloved former AD is credited with building much of what Arkansas football is today, but by the end of his tenure, certainly developed some critics as well. He was known to meddle with his football coaches and his falling out with Nolan Richardson will never be forgotten.

#14 Seed: Dana Altman

After Broyles whiffed on the Billy Gillespie hire following the Stan Heath firing, Broyles hired Dana Altman. Altman came to Fayetteville, called the Hogs at a press conference (poorly) then high-tailed it out of town the next day. The result was the hiring of John Pelphrey, with whom we all had a good bleed.

#15 Seed: "that fat lady that sent Mitch Mustain the emails"

This is the quote someone submitted and I had to include it. At first I thought it was too mean, but then I remembered the email and thought, let's leave it. I don't even know what she looks like, but that email was a terrible, terrible thing. If you don't remember, hit me up at heydocharper@gmail.com and I'll go into more detail.

#16 Seed: "Random Kentucky Hustle Guy in the 90s"

I also thought this was funny. They always seemed to have like 9 years of eligibility too.

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