College Football Viewing Guide: Week 2

Kevin C. Cox

There are a lot of football games every weekend, and only so much time. Here are my picks for the college football games you want to see this week, from an Arkansas fan perspective.

Listen, I know you'll be tempted to watch college football on Thursday or Friday night this week. Hey, it's on and there were some fantastic games last Thursday. Trust me when I say, don't do it. No one needs to watch BC-Wake this early in the season.

1. Strategic Interest: Southern Miss @ Nebraska (Big Ten Network)

Watch the Hogs' Week 3 opponent match up against another BCS team a week early and get a sense of what to expect in a couple weeks when the Golden Eagles come to Fayetteville. Nebraska is currently favored by 28 points so don't expect a close one at all. If you have no interest in the Golden Eagles (or don't get the Big Ten Network), catch Florida at Miami on ESPN at noon to get a look at the Hogs' October 5 opponent.

2. Spite/Hate Watch of the Week: Arkansas State @ Auburn (ESPN3/Gameplan)

Depending on how many "in-state game" message board threads you've commented in, your thoughts on the Springdale 5 and the Gus Bus, or your feelings on HUNH offenses, you might have strong feelings against almost everyone involved here. Personally, I want to see Gus' former employer shock the Tigers, as unlikely as it may be, but this has potential to actually be an entertaining game. Auburn is favored by 13 as of now, but I wouldn't be shocked to see that line move up to more than 2 touchdowns before Saturday. Bobby Petrino's Western Kentucky team trying for a second straight upset of an SEC East team (the Evil Orange Empire - East, no less) is your alternate Hate Watch of the Week.

3. Boisterous Barn Burner of the Week: Buffalo @ Baylor (TBD)

The Buffalo Bulls take on the Baylor Bears in the alliteration bowl, and both teams should put up plenty of points. Baylor is picking up where they left off last year (an annual theme) and Buffalo should have a slightly better showing on offense against a weaker Baylor defense after a loss at Ohio State. Baylor is favored by 27.5 but something tells me the Bulls might sneak up on them. Alternate should this one not make it to prime time, Toledo going for an upset at Missoui on ESPNU at 3:30.

4. Match-up of the Week: South Carolina @ Georgia (ESPN)

A top ten match-up that will decide the leader in the clubhouse for SEC East champion in Week 2. South Carolina's defense matching up against Georgia's high-powered offense should make for a highly entertaining game and a close one with Georgia favored by 3. If South Carolina loses, can they hold it together and still challenge for the East title? If Georgia loses, how far do they drop (and will the annual Mark Richt hot seat discussion really start up)? This is easily the game of the week and a great early season showdown. Florida at Miami is your alternate here as well.

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