Razorgumbo Variety Pack: Honeysuckle Melon Cocktails, Killer Cheese Dip and Chocolate-Bourbon Pecan Pie Bars


By John Haman, Razorgumbo Gameday Grub

This week’s pre-season party at Razorgumbo starts with a flavorful, authentic cheese dip that doesn’t include any processed cheese food in the pot. I like a good veeta dip as much as the next guy, but for you, the serious hog fan and ready of Arkansas Fight, I wanted to make something without synthetics. I also wanted a deeper flavor profile and a chance to use some of my garden-raised produce in the recipe.

Little Rock is the epicenter of cheese dip culture in the South, and I’m a little sad that the World Cheese Dip Championship has decided to take a year off this fall to regroup. So I offer up this recipe to keep your Sterno burning for another year until the championship resumes.

Honeysuckle goodness

Next, we have a truly original summer cocktail that caught my attention a few weeks ago on a food site’s twitter feed: a Honeysuckle Melon libation featuring Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka from Mississippi. Honeysuckle vodka? A thousand times, yes.

bourbon pecan bars

Finally, we offer a touch of Thanksgiving with a chocolate-bourbon pecan pie bar that will be nice to throw into the Tupperware and take to October/November Fayetteville games, or maybe even to please your Ole Miss Friends at the Grove in Oxford.

Killer No-veeta Cheese Dip

See how this queso drips and stretches?

I like this queso because it involves a white sauce or instant roux. The recipe calls for Longhorn cheese — yes, I hate Longhorns, too. But this is actually an American variety of Colby and it isn’t BURNT orange. It might be hard to find Longhorn, which comes in a wheel shape, at your grocery store, so we decided to use a shredded Colby Jack mix and it turned out great.

To read all three recipes, click over to Razorgumbo Gameday Grub, my hog-lovin' food blog. Visit every week. Next week I'm going to blow your socks off with grilling greatness. Meanwhile, please make this cocktail. You owe it to yourself.

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