Arkansas Razorbacks Fall Camp Update: August 16 & 17 Beazley

Bret Bielema announced a significant rash of injuries that plagued the Razorbacks this week, and other news and notes.

Obviously, the biggest news of the last couple days is that senior wide receiver Demetrius Wilson tore his ACL and is out for the season. Wilson does have a redshirt available to him, so he can sit out and play in 2014, but that's a big blow to the this season's receiving corps.  Including the loss of Mekale McKay a couple of weeks ago, two of the six receivers on Arkansas' post-spring depth chart are gone for 2013.

Also suffering injuries are sophomore linebacker Otha Peters (broken arm, out 6-8 weeks) and senior tight end Austin Tate (shoulder injury, minimum 6 weeks).

The thing that's funny about Tate's injury is that the news was broken by former Arkansas, now Auburn assistant coach Tim Horton via Twitter on Friday night, which, coincidentally, is the day after Wally Hall wrote a much talked about column (his first in a long time) about the traditional media's lack of access with the football program. That's classic.

If the USA is going to listen in on people's phone calls, that would be my #1 call to listen to in 2013.


Well that's nice. For more on Buehner, we covered him in our countdown post a few days ago.

FAYTETTVILLE - The University of Arkansas football team held its second preseason scrimmage Saturday night at 6 p.m. to simulate the game time of their Sept. 7 game in Little Rock against Samford.

Head coach Bret Bielema was available for a press conference after the scrimmage and addressed the added depth.

"I think we’ve established a lot better depth than I could ever have imagined at the beginning of fall camp just because of our injury situations," Coach Bielema said. "We didn’t have a lot of significant injuries, season ending, but a lot of guys that might miss some time here and there, and it really built depth."

Coach Bielema also discussed the freshmen presence on the team.

"I think they’re very intelligent," Coach Bielema said. "They all come from programs that we knew a lot about them, so there weren’t any surprise hiccups or anything like that. They’re just really prideful kids. I think the seniors, juniors, sophomores recognize pretty early on that they’re very, very gifted. I saw Demetrius Dean interact with Jarrett Lake the other day, an odd couple that I never would have seen together. They were, prior to practice, having a great time, which so many times the chemistry that is developed off the field goes way more than what’s developed on the field."

From Friday night:

FAYETTEVILLE – Preseason practices continued as the University of Arkansas football team met again Friday evening. Linebackers coach Randy Shannon met with the media after practice and discussed his expectations for Saturday’s scrimmage.

"I always tell the guys, every time you step on the football field you have the opportunity to impress the coaches," Coach Shannon said. "I want them to go out and have fun, execute the offense, cut down on the mental errors and play the game like you’re supposed to. Play it physical, have fun, but also take control of the game. As a linebacker, you have to be the key of the whole defense. Make sure guys are lined up and bring excitement to the game."

Coach Shannon also spoke about how impressed he was with his fellow coaches and players.

"I’m having fun," Coach Shannon said. "I’m enjoying myself, I’m having a great time with the staff we’ve assembled. The head coach is unbelievable and the players are unbelievable. What more could you ask for?"

Assistant head coach/defensive line coach Charlie Partridge addressed the media about the role of special teams in the upcoming season.

"Our style of football is to do everything we can to not beat ourselves," Coach Partridge said. "Controlling the clock, playing good defense, all of that goes out the window if your special teams isn’t clean. We’re certainly working hard to teach these guys and emphasize that every single day. We’re doing a lot in terms of teaching special situations and it’s going to be critical for us to have the kind of year we want."

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