What They're Saying About Bret Bielema After SEC Media Days


Several reporters met Bielema for the first time on Wednesday, here is what some of them are saying about him.

USA Today's Glenn Gullibeau wrote about Bielema's sense of humor and his transition to the SEC from the Big 10, with a focus on how Bielema has evolved since his infamous "we don't want to be anything like the SEC" comment while at Wisconsin.

Houston Chronicle's Brent Zwerneman wrote a short piece on Bielema's emphasis on recruiting Texas. Always good to get a little recruiting coverage in Texas. I love Bielema's comment, "if certain schools in the state aren't doing that great, it opens up an avenue for us." I wonder what certain school he may have been referring to.... He's a quick learner, that Bielema.

MrSEC.com seemed to think Bielema put on a good show.

Barrett Sallee from Bleacher Report gave Bielema an A- and said he was the best of the four new SEC coaches at Media Days.

Steve Greenberg of the Chicago Sun-Times wrote a piece on Bielema's embrace of the underdog role. Bielema told media regarding their ranking of Arkansas in preseason polls "the lower the better" and they did pick Arkansas last in the West.

Tony Gerdeman of theozone.net (an Ohio State site) reminisced on Bielema's time in the Big 10 and realized the Big 10 would be much more boring than it was with Bielema in it. They even refer to Bielema as "the Big Ten's version of Steve Spurrier." Awwww.

Of course, most of the coverage regarding Arkansas and Bielema revolved around Bielema's passionate defense of his claim that up-tempo football is a safety concern. There are articles all over the Internet regarding the new "feud" between him and Gus Malzahn. Apparently, Malzahn's "was that a joke?" comment is the 2013 version of Helen of Troy launching 1,000 ships.

Most people don't seem to be taking a side, other than fans of respective schools siding with their respective coach (Here's a column from Opelika-Auburn News). Most commentary seems to be about documenting the beginning of the potential rivalry. And there's plenty to read that all basically say the same thing: cbs42.com (Birmingham), kfvs12.com (Cape Girardeau, MO), Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, and many more.

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