Bret Bielema Gives First Arkansas Football Spring Practice Update

Walt Beazley/

With the media and public unable to watch any of the first week of spring practice, any tidbits from Bielema should be devoured. He held his first press conference since practice started on Friday and here are some highlights.

I thought the best way to handle this would be to take Bielema's quotes via twitter from the folks actually at the press conference and provide any commentary we see fit.

Yay! Hopefully it will be up to 10,000 by the spring game.

Better than "enthusiastically sloppy"

Good to hear. The quarterback battle is obviously spring's biggest storyline, and coaches don't usually commit to one or the other until they have to. He probably won't give any public acknowledgements to one or the other being better or being the starter until fall. But it's good to hear he's happy with both.

Probably for the best. I'm interested to see what happens with Dean. Was offered as a sophomore by the previous staff then kinda ballooned according to various reports and didn't make it to campus immediately. He had to come a year later and received good reports last spring, so I'm hoping they can find a way for him to contribute.

We all know Williams is probably the most bankable offensive skill player coming back. Good to hear Bielema getting excited about Nate Holmes. Of course, all Razorback fans will be waiting to see how Alex Collins fits into the running back plan come August.

For all the jersey watchers out there. Also good to hear Kiero Small is coming back strong.

Seems like we hear this every year, but hopefully this will be the last time we hear this for a while. With Otha Peters and AJ Turner coming back, at least Arkansas has a couple of guys to be excited about in these spots. Hopefully the two JUCO linebackers they signed will be up to speed come September.

Dammit. Parking in Fayetteville is so stupid.

Added, "Watched all the teams on Arkansas' schedule this year except Auburn because they weren't worth a damn last year. Y'all think Arkansas quit, should have seen those guys on The Plains. Oh and Les Miles, what a loon."

We're all about some Travis Swanson. "Keith, Travis Swanson has absolutely put this team on his back!" "I know, Chuck."

Fundamentals. Got to know those fundamentals. Like tackling. We're big on practicing tackling.

Do what you gotta do coach, just get them to commit.

I'd say it depends how hard you touch them on the head. If they're wearing helmets, you can touch them pretty hard.

I like the thoughts and ideas. Shows ownership. Shows innovation. For it.

They seem to still be in the fundamentals stage than the installing scheme stage. That's fine.

Ellis might help at linebacker because Arkansas really has so few on the roster. Remember, just a year ago they tried to transfer a defensive end and a fullback, good ones, to the linebacker position? And that was before Alonzo Highsmith was injured for the year.

That seems so incredibly short compared to the last few years. It's hard to remember that's normal.

After watching last year, I'm guessing there's been a lot of repercussions handed out this first week.

Good to know the Keiro Small-to-linebacker idea hasn't been renewed. Let's keep our All-SEC calibur players at their natural positions, howsabouts?

And that appears to be about it. Feel like you've learned anything?


Doc Harper is the managing editor of Arkansas Expats and is a regular contributor to College Football News and Sporting Life Arkansas. You can email him hereand follow him on Twitter.

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