Arkansas Recruiting News Of The Week - Charlie Partridge's Ironed Pants, Rafe Peavey, Kweishi Brown, Zack Wary, C.J. Hampton

YOU! The Arkansas Razorbacks Want YOU! - Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Without any bowls to distract them, the football coaches began recruiting season in full force this week. Here are some highlights.

First things first. When the Arkansas coaches hit the road, they gots to look smooth. Only the finest threads and sharpest creases.

That tweet followed a few tweets describing some amazing white chicken chili and pecan pie. Looking good has its rewards.

***** release their revised top-250 rankings and Arkansas quarterback commitment Rafe Peavey, who enjoyed a stellar senior season, was a top-150 recruit and is still a 4*, was demoted from their highly coveted 5.9 ranking to their less-sexy 5.8. On the surface that seems like a barely significant difference, but it's enough to knock him out of the top 250 altogether.

Instead of using a simple 1-10 scale, Rivals uses a ludicrous 5.whatever to 6.1 scale. I'm convinced the decimal points are used to give the impression that their evaluations are highly scientific and precise than just saying "that's a 7."

Regardless, the lower rating lowers Arkansas' overall class rating on the site, which hurts the perception of the recruiting class, and that's unfortunate.


Two official visitors braved the weather to take official visits to Arkansas this weekend. Defensive tackle Armon Watts, who committed to the Razorbacks in August, and 4* safety C.J. Hampton, who is currently committed to Ole Miss are hopefully looking at Fayetteville as a winter wonderland instead of a snowpocolypse.

They apparently got to play the latest NCAA video game on the Razorback Stadium jumbotron Pig Screen. Cool.

The weekend weather apparently forced many recruits to cancel or reschedule their visits.


Juco cornerback Kweishi Brown, who decommitted from Arkansas about a month ago, has apparently had a change of heart and would like to recommit.

Brown then made at least one appearance on local radio and from all indications, it's up to Bret Bielema whether or not to accept his recommitment. Brown is not listed as an official commitment as of this writing.


You know how Arkansas' been in desperate need of linebackers for the last couple of years? Would you believe it if I told you there's a 4* linebacker right here in Northwest Arkansas that was almost completely off the radar until this week?

Zack Wary, a linebacker from Rogers, received an offer from Arkansas last week. At first, it felt like, "okay, Arkansas' gotten to the point that they're starting to offer the local kids", but then you look at his measurables: 6'4", 215 lbs., 4.45-second forty-yard-dash - and 24/7 went ahead and labeled him a 4* prospect.

Who knows. Maybe this is the Korliss Marshall story of 2014. Marshall wasn't labeled a 4* prospect, however. And he lived in a very small town in a lightly populated part of the state (Osceola). Wary plays in the most competitive conference in the state. If he does sign with Arkansas (it appears more schools are planning to come take a look at him) and lives up to the rating, what an unreal story.


As was reported on Monday, Arkansas secured a commitment from 4* defensive lineman Hjalte Froholdt. He's a member of the Class of 2015, so it will be a while before we see him playing in Fayetteville, but we'll likely be hearing people butchering the pronunciation of his name throughout his Razorback career.

So say it with me everybody: "Yelta FROholt"  "Yelta," like "Delta" but with a Y, followed by "FRO" like Frodo, and ending with "holt". The "d" is silent. "Yelta Froholt".

Pracitce with your friends.


Don't worry about recruits not being able to do anything while they're in town with the winter weather.

Maybe they're snowboarding. And where else in the SEC can you get snowboarding? (maybe a couple of places but we'll ignore that for recruiting purposes)

They can still cruise Dickson:

And Alan D'Appollonio wants you to know the team still got in a great workout this morning before all the snow festivities:

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