Pro Razorbacks Plays of the Year 2013

Jarius Wright may be the most successful NFL Hog of the Petrino era - USA TODAY Sports

We don't always pay enough attention to our Hogs in the professional ranks, so we wanted to take some time to show some of the awesome things our guys have done this year. Enjoy.

Joe Johnson has plenty of highlights in his career, but a couple of weeks ago dude went off. Like way off. He dropped 29 points in the 3rd quarter alone against Philadelphia and finished with 10 threes. It's always awesome when you see a player so hot the whole building, opponents and all, become enthralled by it.

Knile Davis had a rough fumble this week, but that doesn't erase the 108 yard kickoff return touchdown against the Broncos from earlier this season:

Which is similar to the 109 yard return he had in the preseason against Pittsburgh:

Darren McFadden harkened back to his Arkansas days by surprising the Broncos with a touchdown pass #WildHog4Eva! Pass more, stay less injured.


2013 was very good to Patrick Beverley. The former Razorback guard seems to have found a home in Houston with the Rockets and made a name for himself during the playoffs this year. Here are his 16 points, 12 rebounds, and six assists against the Thunder in the playoffs.

Here he is blocking big Dirk Nowitzki and making the big man mad.

But of course he'll most widely be known for this play on Russell Westbrook:

Jarius Wright may end up having the best NFL career out of anyone from the Petrino era, at least it's shaping up that way so far. The speedy receiver from Warren has had a few highlight catches this season. (Not embeddable video so you'll have to click the links, dammit

His best catch may have been this 42-yard reception against the Eagles, or making this touchdown against Seattle look all too easy, or this 36-yard touchdown reception against Cincinnati last week.

Dennis Johnson got to start for the Texans recently, and had a big 29-yard run against the Jaguars a couple of weeks ago that he nearly took to the house

And never one to be outdone, here's Ryan Mallett with a big 40-yard bomb back in the preseason:

Chris Gragg caught his first career touchdown reception against the Steelers.

And here's Peyton Hillis scoring in his first comeback game with the Giants.

Drew Smily has been making a name for himself with the Detroit Tigers, and some seem to think he'll crack the starting rotation next season.

SB Nation's Tigers site has more. And back in July they declared Smily the "most effective left-handed reliever in all of baseball."

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