Alabama Crimson Tide 52, Arkansas Razorbacks 0: 111 Straight Points And Counting

Kevin C. Cox

As expected.

Today was one of the crazier days in SEC history. Five of the day's six games were upsets. Not your beloved Razorbacks, however. Arkansas contributed to the upset insanity by rolling into Tuscaloosa and dropping a 52-0 on the ole' record books.

It's both the second week in a row in which Arkansas allowed 52 points, and the second consecutive year in which the team lost to Alabama by a score of 52-0. The Hogs have now given up 104 straight points this season. They've given up 111 straight points to Alabama dating back to the 2011 game. The last time Arkansas scored points on the Tide? Tyler Wilson's 19 yard pass to Cobi Hamilton in the back of the end zone. It was one of the plays in which Wilson was obliterated by Alabama a split second after throwing the pass, and a truly great catch by Hamilton. Not that any of that matters. 111. Straight. Points.

Oh, Arkansas had opportunities. Brandon Allen connected on a big play to Hunter Henry, but threw an interception on the next play, which was nearly identical to the big play with Henry. The Hogs had a decent drive going shortly later, but Alabama blocked Zack Hocker's field goal (his first miss of the year). I was really counting on that field goal for my pregame 40-6 final score prediction too. Arkansas also drove into the Alabama red zone late in the fourth quarter, but Alabama stopped the Hogs on downs to preserve the shutout.

Fans screaming about Allen are sure to continue after he went 7-for-25 for just 91 passing yards and two interceptions. So we have that to look forward to over the bye week. He did at least start running a little this time, gaining 13 yards and a couple of first downs on the ground, so there's that.

Other than that, Alex Collins picked up 77 more yards on 18 carries. Jonathan Williams went for 48 on 13.

Once again, a non-receiver led the team in receiving. Henry led all Hogs with three catches. Javontee Herndon matched him in total yardage but caught only two passes.

Alabama gained 532 total yards, A.J. McCarron went 15-for-24 for just 180 yards. What's really sad for Arkansas is that 180 yards seems like an insanely great day right now.

Keon Hatcher fumbled the kickoff return to open the second half, and Alabama might as well have done the Rammer Jammer chant at that point.

I will say this, thank you Bret Bielema for not kicking the field goal on fourth down just to avoid the shutout. It's really depressing to see a team down 45-0 attempt a field goal. Pity points.

And with Auburn beating A&M in College Station today...sigh. Maybe the countdown to kickoff should be not to the next Auburn game, but the 2014 Auburn game, which is Arkansas' season opener next year.

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