Why is the BigXII (-4) getting so much love by the BcS computers?

The BcS computers regard the BigXII (-4) as the best conference.  That alone shows that the BcS computers need a reformat and a reboot.  The computers have Oklahoma State as their #1 team, Oklahoma #4 (tied with Boise State) Kansas State #10, Texas #11, and Baylor #19 makes no sense to me.

OSU has played tree teams that were ranked at the time they played.  Texas, Texas A&M and Kansas State.  A&M is no longer ranked and Kansas State was ranked only because they were a one-loss team playing an even weaker schedule.  I honestly don't know why Texas is ranked in the top 20.  Also, their attempt at playing defense is sad, letting these weak teams pile up massive amounts of yards and points.  If OSU had to play LSU, Alabama, Arkansas, or even South Carolina OSU would fall way short.

Oklahoma lost to an unranked (and still unrakned) Texas Tech.  OU has wins over an over-ranked Kansas State, way over ranked Texas, and unranked Texas A&M.  The Sooners' win vs Florida State is hollow as FSU has dropped from top 10 to out of the polls.  Oklahoma was the only BigXII (-4) team that was somewhat playing defense.  They have been riddled by season ending injuries (to their top RB and WR in the last two weeks).  OU is the class of the BigXII(-4) but that really isn't saying much.

Kansas State is a weak team, playing a weak schedule, with a weak defense, and weak offense.  Their "best" win is vs Baylor who was ranked 15th at the time played.  Baylor has since fallen from the rankings.  When they played OU they were totally dominated and almost had a chance to win vs OSU, but both Oklahoma teams put up well over 50 points each on KSU.

Texas has played very weak teams and looked weak, two ranked teams and looked very weak.  The human polls have Texas 21 and 20 but due to the unknown quantity of the BcS computers Texas is ranked 16th.  The Longhorns' best win is vs an unranked Texas Tech squad or a 5-4 UCLA team.

I can only speculate that offense rankings is what is driving the BigXII(-4) so high and those offensive numbers are due in part to no BigXII team having a upper ranked defense.

Looking at the CBS Sports rankings I see a tragic injustice.  Look at these Strength of Schedule rankings:

BigXII(-4) teams: OSU #7, Oklahoma #4, Texas #6, Kansas State #14, and Texas A&M #2

SEC teams: LSU #12, Alabama #15, Arkansas #56, South Carolina #16, and Georgia #40

HOW?  LSU has played, and beaten, the #2 and #7 teams in the nation with a game vs another top 10 team coming up.  They beat West Virginia, Auburn, Mississippi State and Florida when they were ranked.  Arkansas has lost to the #2 team, then beat #9, and a top 25 ranked Auburn.  Arkansas also beat a then ranked Texas A&M team.

No top ranked BigXII team plays more than three ranked teams (and they are all conference games).  Also, none of them play more than one top 10 ranked team.

The Out of Conference wins still don't tip in the BigXII's favor.  The SEC has out of conference wins vs Oregon, West Virginia, Texas A&M, Penn State, Connecticut, and Cincinnati.

The BigXii(-4) has OOC wins vs TCU, SMU, Arizona, BYU, Connecticut, Florida State, and Miami.

NONE of the BigXII(-4) OOC wins are vs teams that are now ranked. 

The SEC's OOC wins are teams that are currently ranked (Oregon #7, Penn State #12, and Cincinnati #23).  Two of the teams were ranked but they are either current BigXII(-4) members (Texas A&M) or future BigXII(-4) members (West Virginia.

Please someone let me know how we can get these computers reformatted and rebooted as there is a problem with their programming.

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