Houston, you have a problem

In a story posted on the Arkansas Democrat Gazzette's web site (Link to storyNo. 1 Auburn vs. No. 2 Oregon - Nutt: Malzahn ‘has taken off''s Tom Dienhart is quoting Houston Nutt about Gus Malzahn success and I have some issues with HDN's quotes

First: ""I knew when I first hired him from high school that he had an excellent mind, great ideas and did a really good job," said Nutt, the Ole Miss head coach who was Arkansas' boss from 1998-2007. "Everyone was thinking he was all pass. But the one thing he got from us and has helped him is you have to be able to run it. You can't just do one.""

No Houston, if you watched any of Gus's playcalling at Springdale you would know better. He didn't get "from you" that you have to run the ball. The Wildcat was part of Gus's offense and it has changed football from the peewee level up to the NFL. You would still be doing your off-tackle dive in a base 2-2 set if it weren't for Gus.

Next: "I am proud that I was able to hire him from the high school level and name him coordinator," Nutt said, noting that some fans in Arkansas "kind of ruined that situation more than anything. ... But I have no animosity toward him whatsoever."

Hmm, the FANS ruined it? How spineless of a coach are you? You hired him because (well Frank hired him) to save your job. You knew that if you didn't get the Springdale kids you would be gone. You thought you would get two big things off your back 1) get the kids and 2) have someone else be OC, when you "hired" Gus. If you would have let Gus run the offense, you might still be in Fayetteville and the Razorbacks might have played in a few more SEC Championship games.

Houston, your days at Ole Miss are numbered. You are nothing but a small school coach and a used car salesman. I hope you are enjoying the limelight, regardless how unfocused it is, about the "hiring" of Gus Malzahn at Arkansas. You did have something to do with his success at Auburn, if you didn't run him off at the UofA then the rest of the world may not have known exactly how good of a football mind Gus is.

I may still be bitter about how you left the Razorbacks and the condition that you left them.  Your grab for attention should not surprise me.  I hope you get some credit for the success that Auburn had this year, without your efforts they would not have those great kids from Arkansas and their OC.

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